Stop HISD from Changing the Name of Sidney Lanier Middle School

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HISD has just introduced a new resolution calling for the renaming of schools named after people who were involved with the confederacy. Now among those people is Sidney Lanier. He was a poet, author, writer, lawyer and teacher. He was in the confederate army. Now the thing HISD has refused to recognize is the fact that he was swept up in the wave of men wanting to take up arms and defend the south. After the war he admitted that that was why he joined. Most importantly, we don't recognize for his service in the confederacy. The school has maintained the name since 1926 so not only is he not a prominent confederate but they will be erasing a piece of history by changing the name.


HISD in addition wants to rename Lee High School, Jefferson Davis High School, John Reagan High School, Albert Sydney Johnson Middle School, Richard Dowling Middle School, Thomas Jackson Middle School and Henry Grady Middle School. Now I am going to say what those before me have said, notably, The Legislative Committee of The Princeton Open Campus Coalition. They made the point that it has been recognized that the historical individuals in question have flaws, but then again when put under the microscope so does everyone. As for the individuals in questions, we do not honor them for their contemptible racism but for commitment, dedication and contributions to Texas and the United States. It is for that reason that I believe that we should not only be opposed to the changing of the name of Lanier middle school but to all schools listed.

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