Get my Father out of prison

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My father does not deserve to die in prison he was just a young kid with no influence to do the right thing. Everyone gets into a fist fight whether its out of self defense, anger etc. My father (18) and my Uncle (20) We're riding around and heard a shout for them to "Turn there fucking music down" So this taking place in 1998 , 20 years ago my father and uncle turned around and got out the vehicle and began to beat the victim with there hands and feet for approximately 23 seconds Then drove to a nearby home, Paramedics arrived at the scene and the man refused medical treatment ; The victim was a homeless man in his 50's with a illness already shutting down his immune system and also was a convicted child molester and wanted for murder in California at the time , My uncle testified and got 15 My dad went down for 2nd degree murder and got a life sentence , My father deserved a prison sentence but definitely not the ultimate fate of dieng in prison.. He has served 20 years in prison and has learned his lesson he is a tremendous Artist and Tattoo artist I will be creating a Instagram and Facebook movement displaying my father's artwork and information on his case #FreeTonyRosa

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