Riley to not leave.

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To Whom It May Concern,

     Our very beloved friend, and one of my closet. Riley Foran, has been found suspect to disconnect or remove himself from our late night sessions. And call it an "early night" very frequently. For the past few weeks, we begin to see transparency within this individual. As, he so calls "I'm going to proceed and continue from last nights save Witcher 3", we find him frequently using this very specific alibi every time he so called want to "try sleep early". We understand, each client in this private discord have lots of tasks and quotas to meet daily, but we must always make and spend time with each other. But slowly our friend is fading away, but to what cause? " Does "Witcher 3" mean something more than a game, is he playing some sick trick on us? Or is he simply just not finding interest within these late night sessions.

     As it has come to not only my attention but the other Discord individuals, that ever since we've invited a new member "Arshpreet Jeff Singh Birbhatti" that he seemed to start leaving earlier hence his recruitment to this prestigious group. We may find the most tension between these two, ever since our friend Joshua "Fukuichi" Hoshizaki started a very strong bond with our acquaintance Jeff. We may have a case of jealousy on our hands. Yet this is not the case but information that could help you readers figure out what problems lay in our hands. We hope Riley is okay, we only wish the best upon just a successful bus boy at the Keg, a high end restaurant within the city of Calgary.

     Signing this will help realize, Riley should stay on longer and talk to the staff members more. Even reach out to us through other platforms to socialize with us. Such as daily texts, calls and anything else that would help him stay in touch with the group. This is a serious cause, and every signature will help keep Riley on longer. We all love Riley, but we are disappointed with his lack of faith with us recently.

I hope only the best for this man's road to recovery.


The Bean Spackle Group




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