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Help us condemn homophobic violence perpetuated in the name of Christ, in Uganda and the world.

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Around the same time as Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S. in September, he will travel through Africa and to Uganda, a fervently Christian and Catholic country that has long strongly persecuted LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, intersexual and queer) people. We must demand that he helps to end homophobic and transphobic violence and condemns both as anti-Christian.

There are many Christian countries where LGBTIQ people are considered illegal and liable to face discrimination, violence, torture, prison or death. In catholic Uganda, the death penalty was going to be imposed on people like me until international pressure had this punishment converted into "just" a life sentence. They imposed a law that condemns homosexuals to life imprisonment in the inhumane conditions of Ugandan prisons. Many other African countries are on a similar path -- all of this in the name of Christ.

It is time that this religious global leader raises his influential voice and openly condemns LGBTIQ-phobic violence in all its forms while on the trip. After an initial openness to tolerance -- or at least to non-violence -- Pope Francis has begun to retreat into more traditional and intransigent positions. This cannot happen.

That’s why I’m calling on him to condemn the Ugandan and international Christian communities for violence and discrimination are against the teachings of Christ and can NEVER be the solution.

In October last year, Pope Francis received the President of Uganda in the Vatican, shook his hand, and according to Vatican sources, paid tributes to the good relations between the Holy See and Uganda. President Museveni defined his country as a "unique" place "for being the home of African Martyrs and also, apparently, the point with the greatest concentration of saints" from all Africa, not only in Uganda. This is a complete joke.

Nevertheless, the Pope accepted to travel to Uganda on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the canonization of the African Martyrs, and make of it a celebration of the Pan African Christianity. This will provide a unique opportunity to stand up and condemn LGBTIQ-phobic violence as contrary to the message of tolerance, acceptance and love of Christ.

Also, this summer, the U.S. will send a special representative to Uganda to meet with officials and members of the LGBT community. Pope Francis can build upon this goodwill attempt by speaking out on these terrible injustices. It’s time for the Catholic Church should say NO to the persecution of homosexual and transgender people.

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