Zimbabwe Deputy Finance Minister should be Fired

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We are avid supporters of the current President of Zimbabwe his Excellency President ED Mnangagwa push to change Zimbabwe's trajectory to a country which will be a middle income by 2030 and a country where every Zimbabwean feels proud of their country. To achieve the President needs to be surrounded by people who share the same vision with him. One Minister Terrence Mukupe is taking the strides taken by our President backwards and we as the People and the Voice of God we say Terrence Mukupe needs to go today and not tomorrow. Our President we love you please listen to us Mukupe is not with you and he is not with us. We are the Voice of God and we say he goes.

Mukupes crimes

1. Said corruption is good when you are saying corruption is whats killing our country

2. Mukupe says army will interfere in elections when you our President is elections will be free, fair and credible.

3. Mukupe call an opposition to take his ARVs stigmatising those with HIV/AIDS

CDE President this guy is not team Zimbabwe he is bhora musango he needs to go now and now.

You are a listening President and its high time politcians know that the Voice of People is the Voice of God #MukupeMustFall