Create 'Park Police' force to stop park murders

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Simon Milliken, former principal double bassist of the Kwazulu-Natal Philharmonic Orchestra, was recently murdered in the Burman Bush nature reserve.

This represents only one of numerous such tragedies to occur in recent years and as such we request the creation of some form of 'park police' to patrol urban and semi-urban parks spaces and ensure they remain safe for visitors.

Places such as the Table Mountain national park
and Rhodes Park in Johannesburg
which have seen murders like these are no longer an asset to the communities around them; they instead represent a threat to their safety that must be addressed.

Events such as the murder of Simon Milliken have attracted attention from international media, which results in a loss of tourism for the country. Instituting a 'park police' force would not only help alleviate the fears of international visitors, it would also create employment opportunities.

A 'park police' initiative would improve the safety of both local communities and international visitors, as well as create job opportunities and increase tourism.