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Proposed Real Estate Act for 2020

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Projected population growth in the Western Province over the next several decades will increasingly pressure land and housing markets. Much of previously accessible lands have already been consumed and appropriated to such a degree that marginally available lands in most cities are far from the center. Speculation and inefficient land use often sanctioned by national policymakers and leaders are at the heart of inefficient and manipulated markets for land and housing.


Institutional constraints and vested interests make it difficult to influence public control of land markets in these cities. For example, cadastral systems will not be improved so that land and housing values may be properly assessed and updated because landowners resist paying taxes. As for housing, interventions have gone from the 1960s public housing/redevelopment approach, through a basic needs emphasis.


As a solution, initiatives should be taken to acquire the excess of lands over 50 perches to the government for the purpose of re-distribution among the population that seek employment within Western Province city limits. Heavy taxes should be enforced for the baron/unused lands within Western Province that serves no purpose for the agricultural or economic growth of the country. More emphasis is called for on land assemblage, infrastructure investments, creation of specialized national financial systems for shelter.

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