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Stop the animal cruelty in China


Stop the animal cruelty in China Boycott pet products from China

 His Excellency, Hu Jintao

 President of the People's Republic of China

 Many of us have seen the haunting pictures of dogs being skinned alive by the Chinese people for their skin.   This is horrifying and shocking beyond any sense of human decency.

 We as the voice for animals cannot stand back in all good conscience and close our eyes to this incredible cruelty that is happening to dogs and cats in China.  How can any animal lover or advocate buy products from China for our pets when companion animals in China are going through unbelievable torture at the hands of cruelty? And all dogs are companion animals regardless of the size.  This is shameful and appalling to treat animals in such a barbaric and inhumane manner. It is so hard to believe that any human being could inflict such pain and suffering on another living and sentient being. Recently, many of our pets died because they were given dog treats that came from China. If China does not care about the welfare of its animals as they skin them alive it is obvious to us that China will not see the importance in producing pet products that will not harm our pets.  

 We are one of the many voices for these animals and we are speaking out by saying we will no longer buy any products made for our pets that comes from China. In this boycott we are asking China to stop abusing animals. Please stop skinning animals alive.  They feel every bit of pain that we do.

   We are asking for animal lovers all over the world to stop buying products for your pet that come from China until China stops causing such suffering and torment to these innocent dogs and cats.


 Voice for animals in China


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    President Barak Obama
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    His Excellency, Hu Jintao
  • China's Ambassadore to the United States
    Ambassador Zhang Yesui

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