The Removal of Scott Morrison from the Prime Ministership of Australia

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Your Excellency, 

Australia has entered a trying time. We are plagued by fires and drought. Where once our public institutions of education were a shining example for the world to follow, now they have fallen. Where once, the Great Barrier Reef was an iconic wonder of the world, it is now slowly becoming bleached, and must contend with the threat of industrial waste.

Amidst these threats to our landscape, livelyhoods, and lives themselves, we have seen no action to deter these threats, rather we have seen these issues being exacerbated by the Federal Government. Amidst the choking smog settling over Sydney, The Hon. Scott Morrison has taken a leave of absence to vacation in Hawaii, far from the ailments of the nation he is supposed to lead.

Furthermore, the gross mismanagement of water in the Murray-Darling Basin which occurred under the noses of the Liberal Party has led directly to the dry conditions that allowed such a blaze as is impacting New South Wales. Combined with a 12.9 million dollar cut from Fire and Rescue NSW, and a further 26.7 million dollar cut to the Office of NSW Rural Fire Services, it is little wonder that the fires are ravaging New South Wales so thoroughly.

As The Hon. Scott Morrison offers the people thoughts and prayers as he leaves our shores for a holiday, it is apparent that the current administration cares little for the people it is intended to serve. 

We, the undersigned, humbly petition the Crown to intervene under these circumstances. While it is clear that the Federal Government is indifferent to our plight, we hope that as the representative of Her Majesty the Queen, you will turn a sympathetic ear and remove The Hon. Scott Morrison from office, and call for an election

Yours Faithfully, 

Alex Farlech.