Shift Australia Day to Random Day

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It’s on again. The elites have found a new thing to be outraged about and this time it is the date of Australia Day. If you want to keep the existing date give up now. Anyone in opposition will be shouted down.

But what will happen is sadly predictable. Most Australians don’t care what date Australia day is on. But instead of standing up and saying, “Hey please guys - can you do us a favor – we feel pretty strongly about this” the proponents will bully and scold any opposition. Being lectured to and scolded will upset a whole lot of Australians who think of themselves as functional adults. Large numbers will immediately develop an intense patriotic attachment to a date on the calendar. It has already happened.

Let’s get in ahead of them and agree to change Australia Day BUT LETS DO IT PROPERLY.

A group of good solid Australian have gotten together this Australia Day 2018 and thought long and hard about the best way out of the moral hysteria campaign. Their consensus is that if we are going to be forced into this debate then this time ordinary people are going to pick the 2 choices.

After much consideration it become clear to this group that there that there are ONLY 2 MEANINGFUL CHOICES for maintaining our culture of non-pretentiousness.

Random Day or Orgy Day.

Firstly though, lets go through some of the pretty good reasons why the 26th of January is not a good date for Australia day.

  •  It’s not really a good date if you believe in respectful public debate and expect some input into our culture and heritage. It was chosen by politicians in 1946 as a compromise between all the states. Well sort of - NSW basically won.
  • It’s not really a good date if you think there is more to Australia and the Australian people then a government and its founding. It is an especially bad date you are living on the bones of your ass while the (public) servants of the government you are meant to be celebrating are getting inflated wages and total job security
  •  However, it IS a really a good date if you are one of the “important” people who thrive off our system of telling everyone what to do and how to think. These people are looking for their next crusade to self-validate themselves and now they have one.
  • It’s not really a good date if your parents or ancestors didn’t come from England. Even worse if they didn’t come from a western civilization.
  • It’s not really a good date if you love this whole continent and its past as a place to be celebrated.
  • And lastly every moral crusade is based on a truth. The argument for changing from Jan the 26th is that it is a really bad date if you have aboriginal parents or ancestors. Think about it. The 26th of January is effectively writing off all our Aboriginal history as not important. In eight more generations over 50% of Australians will have Aboriginal heritage. Come on– let’s think a bit further forward.


ORGY DAY Feb 6th

Orgy Day celebrates the famous Foundational Orgy that happened almost the moment the first ordinary people on the first fleet landed.

If you like Orgy Day then this is the wrong partition.


RANDOM DAY is dividing the year into 2 halves and broadcasting someone flipping a coin. Tails selects the first half and heads selects the second half. The process is repeated for the winning half until we narrow it down to a single day which is presented to the people.

Can you think of anything more egalitarian for the most egalitarian nation on the planet?

There would be a case for a few modifications

  • removing any days from the list that are already public holidays (get real - nobody wants it that random)
  • days that have been nominated as meaningful alternatives to Australia Day.

We all think of Australia as the lucky country. No other country in the world thinks of itself this way. It is special way for a people to look at themselves and should be preserved. What better way to celebrate it than random chance.

Australia is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. We are one of the least corrupt nations on earth. We produce food to feed 40-60 million people per year from the world’s most barren soils and driest climate. We have an unbelievable health care and social security system that is the envy of nearly all other nations. Yet we still see all this has having been achieved through luck.

A random selection of our national day would be the MOST AUSTRALIAN ACT EVER COMMITTED IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. It would not celebrate any events or any individual person. We would just be celebrating ourselves as a people and a nation.

Change the date of Australia Day now.

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