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Malcolm Turnbull needs to be removed from the office of Prime Minister of Australia

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Your Excellency,

A recent article on the ABC cited Prime Minister Turnbull as stating "we are not going to engage in some kind of national witch hunt". The Prime Minister was referring to a request to an audit of politicians to ensure that they are legitimately in office, and not part of the recent High Court decision that agreed that dual-citizens are not entitled to hold office in Australia. The Prime Minister said that the burden of proof had to be on the person accusing someone else of having questionable eligibility.

This should not be the case. The Prime Minister himself is advocating that no checks should be in place to ensure the Australian Constitution is upheld unless they are questioned. The fact that this issue has come to light and that several politicians have been forced to be removed as their election to the government was not constitutional should indicate that Australia has suffered a major electoral abuse, and that Australia's Constitution, which defines democracy is under threat. 

The Prime Minister appears to be protecting self-interest over Australian democracy and the Australian Constitution, and is therefore his role as Prime Minister is untenable. 

We the undersigned, humbly request, that Malcolm Turnbull be removed from the office of Prime Minister and that a new election be held, with all politicians screened in advance to ensure their eligibility prior to running, as per the Constitution, and the high-court ruling. 

Respectfully yours,
The undersigned.

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