Help the nation to intensify the fight against corruption in Namibia

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Help me to ensure arrest and accountability before this year’s national elections for the blatant looting  of the GIPF’s N$660m. The prosecutor General’s  finding after more than 20 years investigation, that no one today be held accountable, cannot be left unchallenged by a society that has declared zero tolerance on corruption. Our president owe it to the nation to demonstrate his commitment to our nation’s noble fight against corruption by instructing all our law enforcing agents to ensure at least one arrest before this year’s election. The nation need to be given comfort that we will not be voting for a continuation of the same mode of operandi, BUT FOR CHANGE in the interest of a better Namibia and future generations. It is time that we halt corruption by ensuring speedy justice, especially by those in high offices. The borrowers and those who failed their Fiduciary duties of care by recklessly awarding those loans are known. It is time to hold those who approved or release state resources without approval accountable. Thus the excuse by the Public Prosecutor of no paper trail is totally shocking and unacceptable. Although not surprising as we still have to see officials being    held for the ODC, Finance scan cameras and kora millions amongst others  For too long has we be operating like a lawless society, especially for those with political connection. Thus time for change and to say a BIG NO TO CORRUPTION IS NOW!!! 

Thus this petition afford you with an opportunity to show that you really care about Namibia as well as the state of the country. We current generation will one-day hand over to our children and grandchildren. The future of that country will not be destroyed by those doing evil, but by our silence. The choice on how history will one day judge you, is solely in your hands.