Petition Closed

Martijn's position as part-time music tech faculty was turned into a full-time position, hence the semester-long job search. Martijn was, however, not offered this position and instead offered a half-time position, with the same unrealistically low salary that he has been living off of for the past five years.  Due in large to the cost of living in Santa Clarita, as well as the inflexibility of working with an H-1B visa, unless the music administration ups their game, he is not coming back.  If you want to see Martijn next year, we need to let the administration know they must  respect his value as a teacher, respect our opinion as students and place some effort into getting him back!  Please sign!


Letter to
Dr. Steven Lavine
Ms. Nancy Uscher
Dr. David Rosenboom
and 3 others
Dr. Robert Wannamaker
Mr. Matthew Shenoda
Ms. Patricia Gonzalez
We the undersigned believe that Martijn Zwartjes is an indispensable asset to the CalArts faculty and community. He has been a beloved teacher, mentor, and friend for the past five years to the students of CalArts.

Each student signature represent approximately $40,000 of tuition money per year of investment in our education. And, as the students, we deserve the right to have a say in the administrative decisions affecting said education. The undersigned believe they are qualified to make a strong judgement on Martijn's value as a professor. If a realistic offer cannot be made allowing him to continue teaching, we feel that the administrative process is ineffective and our investments are being squandered.

We believe Martijn is irreplaceable as faculty and allowing his return to Europe would be an egregious error on behalf of the school. Therefore, we respectfully request that the CalArts administration acknowledge our opinions as students, reconsider and do what it takes to hire Martijn Zwartjes!