Blackball Nick Gage

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Wrestling fans, we need unite to draw the line. After the shameful performance by Nick Gage nearly MURDERING celebrity David Arquette due to careless disrespect to the art form of the entertainment and disregard for his opponent's safety, we must recognize that these fake-credentialed egos are recklessly damaging the image of professional wrestling that cannot afford any more uncultivated personalities associated with it. In a current society actively being damaged by toxic forms of masculinity, we CAN put a stop to people who abuse the limited sense of fame they may possess.

It starts with embarrassments (who cannot have the self-respect to proofread their spelling when promoting their upcoming shows) like Nick Gage by striking that voice straight ahead and exclaiming "We do not celebrate awful human beings."

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A dedicated, passionate wrestling fan who wants to be bring credibility back to the art form.

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