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Say "NO" to Changing School Attendance Areas

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As residents of District 86, we strongly oppose the potential “school boundary change” proposed as one of the options to address the enrollment issues of Hinsdale Central and Hinsdale South. Changing school boundaries will NOT fundamentally address the root cause of the disparity in enrollment between the two schools. It is extremely disruptive to our community, our families and most of all, to our students.

1. The attendance issue cannot be fundamentally addressed unless we fully understand the reason for the steady attendance decline in Hinsdale South, as well as its feeder schools, since 2007. School enrollment is dynamically affected by many social and economic factors. Re-drawing the school boundary may artificially “balance” the enrollment in the short term, but it won’t have any lasting effect in the long run.

2. Changing school boundaries and moving students from one to another poses tremendous amount of uncertainty, stress and disruption upon our students and their academic and extracurricular lives.

3. Changing school boundaries forces people to attend schools they did not choose. It not only disrupts children’s education, but also negatively impacts people’s property values. Choosing where to live and what schools to go to are some of the most important decisions people make in their lives. Many families made significant sacrifices in their lives in order to invest in their children’s education and their future. Their choices and investments deserve to be respected and honored. 

4. Changing school boundaries will INEVITABLY lead to civil litigation, which means this option will be neither fast nor cheap.

5. Changing school boundaries diverts time and resources from real issues such as our aging school facility needs. It divides the community, creates fear and resentment among neighborhoods, when we, as a collective group of citizens, need unity and collaboration the most, to confront the challenges we face.

6. Changing school boundaries will set a disturbing precedence for future decision making. A measure like this should ALWAYS be considered as the “Last Resort”. 

We strongly urge the board to REMOVE this UNNECESSARY, DIVISIVE and HARMFUL measure from the survey and STOP further discussions about school boundary change. Please consider options such as moving district administration to Hinsdale South, and re-focus on drafting a more financially sound and reasonable Master Facility Plan to address our schools’ facility needs. 

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