Hines stop exploiting Parkside residents. Be more transparent/responsive to residents

Hines stop exploiting Parkside residents. Be more transparent/responsive to residents

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Ashutosh Sharma started this petition to Hines Jeffrey C. Hines

Hines is the developer for Parkside residential community. Since 2014 Hines had been making one sided rules to favor them in order to make huge profits out of Parkside. Parkside is a very nice residential community in Irving TX at 114 and Beltline Rd with around 870 lots. Hines was the developer and Parkside was developed by 4/5 top builders(David Weekley, Village, Plantation etc...). Hines had some contracts with City of Irving to develop Parkside.

Some of the rules(made by Hines) which hurts Parkside residents :

  1. PID(PROPERTY IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT) for which Parkside residents pay almost $600+ every year. This is the lowest amount of PID. Some residents(having a larger lot) end up paying up to $1700 per year.
  2. Every Parkside owner apart from paying the PID also pays a monthly HOA of $118 per month. 
  3. Based on exhaustive studies - whatever Parkside residents are getting as part of this HOA - it should not go beyond $58 per month. Essentially every Parkside resident is paying not just double the HOA plus also PID. Parkside residents only have few gajibo, small playgrounds, walking trail and some parks-no swimming pool, no tennis court etc.
  4. No transparency by Hines in any of the expenses. For example Hines decides to waste $60K in holidays decoration. Over watering parks and having $130K water bills every year.
  5. Hines created two HOA - Parkside and Parkside Commons. For both the HOAs - Hines had appointed CCMC - double the expenses. One management can manage both. Worst thing, CCMC is total puppet in the hands of Hines and hardly ever respond to the residents. As CCMC is enjoying this situation(getting paid twice and doing no work)-they also favor Hines for every misdeed. CCMC keep on changing people who are managing/administrating the HOA. Most of the times, residents just receive the same out of the office message from the CCMC member that was setup for the last out of office event. Whatever CCMC is doing can be done by a part time CPA along with few local residents(who are available for around 3/4 hours every day). Parkside residents can pay these(CPA and local residents) from the HOA funds and have much better experience than the current state of the affairs.
  6. No communication or interaction with Parkside residents. Hines only has one meeting per year where Hines Board members(Declarant board members)hardly ready to answer any questions from the residents. To get the answer for simple issues it takes months. Finally Hines/CCMC turn to the general counsel(which is not free or voluntary work) to respond to that when escalated. So essentially Parkside residents pay money to have issues and when they question the issues - they end up paying for somebody to explain about the issue(rather than fixing it). Elected board members are ready for meeting once in 2/3 months.
  7. Even in both the HOA boards- Parkside and Parkside commons - Hines has the majority(3 out of 5 seats while 2 are elected by residents). Hines has made some very vague rules to somehow make sure that they will always keep on making decisions (even after 90% of the properties are sold) in their favor. As Hines make the decisions as per their convenience it's Hines which should be making profits. Hines will not go out of Parkside unless all 100% lots are being sold. What it means is that Parkside residents for the name sake can elect their 2 board members but 3 board members are from Hines only. These 3 board members from Hines will never let any decision to be passed which favors residents. So there is absolutely no democratic process for HOA functioning due to Hines. As and when Hines is being asked when they will exit - they keep on providing a moving date. What Hines is doing with Parkside is worse than what happened during the colonization era in 18th and 19th century.
  8. Recently Hines imposed fees($65 to $200) for resident when residents request any changes like putting flower bed etc...please refer to the attached image. How many such requests are coming per month from the residents which warrants this fees? Also how Hines/CCMC/Board was able to manage these requests during 2014 - 2020 without any fees? Residents are well aware of the facts that there is at least 30% of the HOA money still in the reserve fund.
  9. Hines know that it's easy to suppress the residents. Hines is not willing to negotiate with City of Irving which can favor the Parkside residents. Why the parks which are common to everybody is not maintained by City of Irving? Why City of Irving will come into play only during emergency situation(mass flooding etc...)? It's more like whole insurance is borne by Parkside residents and Umbrella insurance by City of Irving. On top of it,City of Irving often keep on telling that Parks doesn't belong to them.
  10. Parkside residents pay for the maintenance, upkeep, repairs for all the parks which is open for the entire Dallas. These are public parks but only parkside residents pay for that. There is an overall nexus existing between Hines and City of Irving. Park maintenance cost from design flaws are being passed on to residents. Why not there is an entry fees from out of Parkside public to use the parks?
  11. Outside Roads(Cabell Drive) are constructed with the funds of Parkside residents which is being used by industries like Forward air every day. Commercial industries like Forward Air didn't pay a dime and runs massive trucks every day. Ideally City of Irving and profit making Forward Air should have taken care of this road.
  12. In another petition, Parkside residents wanted a traffic signal at Cabell Dr and Belt Line Rd - City of Irving ignored the popular petition and didn't made any traffic signal. For City of Irving it is inconvenience while for residents this is a security issue when making left turns. City of Irving washes their hands from most of the responsibilities citing that this is a civil matter between Parkside and HOA/Hines even though Parkside property taxes and PID contributes significant chunk to City of Irving.
  13. It seems that there is a massive fraud happening at Parkside HOA. Funds collected from HOA itself is in the order of $1.23M per year. There are not much checks and balances. If not fraud then total negligence in terms of awarding various works to some incompetent vendors. For e.g SOI is the vendor for upkeep of landscapes - not good at all. Some of the tasks done by these vendors keep on repeating - it keep on failing at the same place or getting wrong. Residents money is totally getting wasted. Parkside residents are told once in a year about expenses(which residents has no say). For 6 straight years this is going on.
  14. Both the declarant board members(3 board members from Hines out of the 5 board members) and Resident board members have a fiduciary obligation to the residents of Parkside . The declarant board members doesn’t act up to that expectations and never try to meet the residents. Even when the meeting happens - it's deliberately been put at very odd time(last year it was 7:00 am) and even if residents request better time nothing happened. No meeting minutes being shared. ParksideHOA website doesn't have any way to contact the declarant board members. In fact Hines never respond to residents. In my case I have been requesting the contact details of the registered agent from CCMC for more than 2 months but no response. Total autocratic way of running the HOA by Hines.
  15. Parkside has 7 NAC(Neighborhood Advisory committee) positions. Out of that 3 are vacant and on one of the position RBM is having that position as well as NAC. Technically speaking 4 NAC positions are vacant. For more than 3+ months - no appointment done. Essentially Hines prefer to keep things as secret as possible from the Parkside residents. Recently residents come to know that the elected board members were asked not to share any financial details with the residents either on whatsapp or telegram channels.
  16. Everybody washing their hands and not ready for any accountability or ownership. CCMC states we are just administrative body. Elected RBMs state that we are just 2 out of the 5 board members so we don't have the majority. Hines will state that we are global company and lot of other things to do. End of the day residents are paying such a high HOA and PID to get almost nothing.

Hines should leave Parkside immediately and handover the board to residents.

Some 3rd party firm should audit Hines past acts for any frauds. 3rd Party intervention is also required to go thru the executed contract with City of Irving. Hines had been exploiting the Parkside residents for quite some time and it's high time that Hines should be out of Parkside affairs.

This is the contact details of Hines:
Global Headquarters
2800 Post Oak Blvd.
Houston, TX 77056-6188
United States
1 713 621 8000

This is the contact details of CCMC:
Corporate Office                                                                                 
8360 E. Via de Ventura Blvd.
Ste. L-100
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
866-244-2262 (Toll-Free)

Division Office
7800 N. Dallas Parkway
Ste. 450
Plano, TX 75024


Parkside https://www.parksidedfw.com/

ParksideHOA https://www.parksideneighborhoodhoa.com/home/

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