Advocate for Dark and Lovely!

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Colourism has been a prevalent issue in Asian communities that not only affects women and men in their private lives, but discriminates against them in professional settings as well. The structural preference given to lighter skins is not simply a matter of choice but has its roots in racism.

Fair & Lovely is a skin-whitening product of one of the world's leading conglomerates, Unilever, based in Hindustan. On face value, it is the buyer's choice to make use of this product, but socially, the normalization of the need of lightening your skin sends a message that naturally dark skin is a problem to be fixed.

Unilever Limited research claims that "90 percent of Indian women want to use whiteners because it is aspirational, like losing weight. A fair skin is like education, regarded as a social and economic step up." In reality, treating fair skin as a prize is not only an extremely uneducated take but also harmful to the mental health of youth and adults alike.

I urge you to help me make Unilever understand the gravity of their business implications. Their website claims that "Fair & Lovely is constantly looking at bringing in innovations that suit consumer’s needs and aspirations." Help me make them understand that consumers need and aspire for mental freedom from societal expectations and the right innovation would be to change their marketing approach to be more sensitive!

We cannot keep quiet in today's world, I urge you not to keep quiet.

P.S. The artwork on the cover for this petition is a piece by Waseka Nahar.
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