Hindus deserve a sorry from Islam! (and reparations from Islamic countries!)

Hindus deserve a sorry from Islam! (and reparations from Islamic countries!)

3 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sharath Sudhindra

Dear Muslims,

Every Fear, has a hurt behind it. And every hurt usually has an oppressor. 

I want to begin with my land's story i.e. Bharat. The land was rich with economy and culture and polytheistic religion being followed everywhere.  There was no word for religion as well, surprised? the term Hindu was coined  to differentiate the indegenious people living in India and the islamic invaders. In fact the word Hindoo was used as a derogatory term by the Islamic invaders. 

You would think why did I add the first quote and why would there be Fear attached to it?

Let me begin, Islamic invasion on the land Bharat started in the year 711 C.E. And that went on for nearly 1000 years. Now what happened in this invasion?:

  1. Architecture Destruction  - Bharat lost countless temples and education architectures due to the constant destruction by the Islamic invaders. Be it Vijayanagara in Karnataka or Somnath in Gujarat or Nalanda in Bihar or Martand in Kashmir, all have history to reveal. The images of these temples are gut wrenching and fear inducing. According to wiki: "The destruction of temples and educational institutions, the killings of learned monks and the scattering of students, led to a widespread decline in Hindu education.[citation needed] With the fall of Hindu kings, science research and philosophy faced some setbacks due to a lack of funding, royal support, and an open environment.[citation needed] Despite unfavourable treatment under the Muslim rule, Brahmanical education continued and was also patronised by rulers like Akbar and others. Bukka Raya I, one of the founders of Vijaynagar Empire, had taken steps to rehabilitate Hindu religious and cultural institutions which suffered a serious setback under Muslim rule. Buddhists centres of learning decayed, leading to the rise to prominence of Brahmanical institutions"
  2. Economy - Temples were the biggest economic reserve and they were plundered again and again. Also I cannot go through every detail here but I will add wiki links for people to go through.                     "The reign of Aurangzeb (1658-1707) witnessed one of the strongest campaigns of religious violence in the Mughal Empire's history. Aurangzeb is a controversial figure in modern India, often remembered as a "vile oppressor of Hindus".[68] During his rule Aurangzeb expanded the Mughal Empire, conquering much of southern India through long bloody campaigns against non-Muslims. He forcibly converted Hindus to Islam and destroyed Hindu temples.[69][70] He also re-introduced the jizya, a tax on non-Muslims,[71]which had been suspended for the previous 100 years by his great-grandfather Akbar."
  3. Genocide - A low estimate says that nearly 200 million people were brutally killed by the invaders. Shocked!? What is the second biggest genocide after Holocaust? Just as recently in 1971, Pakistan under the name of Islam(with all the international laws), brutally killed 3 million Bangladeshi Hindus.  Can you imagine what would have happened in 1600 or 1300 when there were no International laws. Barbarism was at its peak! Taimur executed 100000 Hindus in cold blood! Stories of Aurangazeb is for another day. Another example: "For example, Sultan Shams al-Din Adil Shah's general is described as leaving for "holy war against the infidels and taking from them great wealth and a vast amount of booty".[64] Another record states, "he engaged in a holy war (ghaza) and killed a great number of infidels".[64] Madurai region has several Islamic shrines with tombs built during this period, such as one for Ala al-Din and Shams al-Din. In this shrine, the inner columns are irregular and vary in form showing evidence of "reused material". The "destruction of temples and the re-use of their materials", states Shokoohy, was a "practice of the early Sultanates of North India, and we may assume that this tradition was brought to the south by the sultans of Ma'bar""
  4. Conversion - It was indeed a hardline conversion. Either die or convert. Many of my muslim brethren in Bharat don't realize, they were actually Hindus who had no choice but to convert. One small example from Sikh text: Sikh texts, for example, document their "Guru Teg Bahadur accompanying sixteen Hindu Brahmins on a quest to stop Mughal persecution of Hindus; they were arrested and commanded to convert to Islam on pain of torture and death", states Gier, "they all refused, and in November 1675, Mati Das was sawed in half, Dayal Das was boiled alive, Sati Das was burned alive, and Teg Bahadar was beheaded."
  5. Trauma - This I have added to remind people that trauma can be passed on from generations. The historical sites itself is a stark reminder of the fear it can induce in your being. The attrocities a human can go through, just because they follow a certain religion. Isamists consider anyone not following their religion as sub humans.   

Why did I write this?

To gain freedom from trauma, to move on. To move on, there has to be a genuine apology and a genuine repentance. People who follow Islam need to realize it is just another ideology and it does not make them any special. Stop denigrating other humans. Too many people have lost their lives, livelihoods to this ideology. Even now 1000's are getting slaughtered in Africa. When will this stop?

I will attach some links which are useful:




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Signatures: 38Next goal: 50
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