Allow Pradhakshana of 2nd Prakaram (Perimeter) at Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple.

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The 2nd prakaram (perimeter) at Arulmigu Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple at Srirangam has been closed for pradhakshanam (circumambulation) by public for more than five years against Agamas by the Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowment officials. A case had been filed by a devout Sri Vaishnava against the department at the Honourable Madras High Court (W.P. No. 2587 of 2017) on 02.02.2017. It was during this hearing that the Honourable Division Bench declared that the JC of the temple was UNFIT for the position and asked the HR&CE department to take action on this by 13.02.2017. The department has not taken any action till date. On 03.02.2020, the same petition, came up in front of the same Division Bench after nearly three years. The bench was misled by a lawyer by stating that the 2nd prakaram was open for anga pradhakshinam, which is NOT TRUE. This online petition is to clarify that the CLOSURE of the 2nd prakaram is a FACT.  By signing this petition, we represent to the Honourable judges of the Division bench that the 2nd prakaram has been locked for the past five years and no one has been allowed to circumambulate the sanctum sanctorum by the HR&CE department officials.  We request the Honourable Madras High Court to consider this petition as evidence to support the petitioner (W.P. No. 2587 of 2017).  It is requested on behalf of all Sri Vaishnavas all over the world that the 2nd prakaram be opened immediately as was the case in history for several thousand years.