Save Hindu Sangam

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This petition is to bring awareness to the Hindu community in Malaysia of the dismal failure of Mohan Shan as President for Hindu Sangam for the last 10 years and to Vote for a new President of Malaysia Hindu Sangam.

Mohan Shan has been the President of MHS for the last 10 years.In the last 10 years the Hindu Sangam has been an ineffective & non productive NGO which has totally failed the Hindu community.

The only programmes the Hindu Sangam undertakes annually is the AGM, Thirumurai & Blood Donation. In the last 10 years neither Mohan Shan nor the Hindu Sangam has played any useful role in the development of Hindus nor have they spoken up on Hindu issues to the Government except asking for Hindu New Year Holiday.

He did not say a word during the Interlok issue or the Zakir Naik issue or even the Indra Gandhi Children Conversion issue. What kind of a leader is this ?

Financially, Hindu Sangam would have been a bankrupt organisation if they did not receive government handouts. We have been told that funds received from the government in the last 5 years sums up to RM4.5 million.

What has Mohan Shan done with these funds & Why does MHS have to depend on handouts from the government for its survival ?

Dear Brothers & Sisters the time has come for us to rise & demand quality leaders to lead all Hindu & Indian based organisation in Malaysia. Mohan Shan is certainly not one of them.

Lets Give him ZERO vote in coming AGM 24th June 2018

Lets bring change.Please forward the message to everyone that you know.