Stop TheDerpJason from doing weed and other drugs.

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TheDerpJason is a 14 year old male(confirmed) boy who has recently gotten himself a bong and weed. It is currently unknown where he obtained this bong but it is mostly believed and assumed that he either stole it from his parents or they just gave it to him. 

Some backstory on JAson. He's a bit of a retard, legend, and autist. BUT you gotta love him for that. From playing Cookie-Butter-Choco-Cookie to licking his own nipples on video for osu tips, DerpJason has truly done it all. Have you seen what his tongue does while hes playing deathstreams? How about his 427pp choke? OMEGALUL 

What I am hoping to achieve today is to save TheDerpJason from his almost inevitable future of being a money beggar on the streets for bong money. Also I just don't want to see a 14 year old kid doing drugs(or anyone for that matter stay safe bros).

Please sign this petition to help out our friend, brother, and fellow autist, TheDerpJason. 

Thank you sincerely -matrix osu

p.s. if u wanna see him ripping it up heres a video