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Pay me a living wage

My name is Barbara and for the last three years, I’ve worked as a housekeeper for Hilton Metropole via a cleaning agency called WGC.

Hilton is a luxurious hotel, rooms generally cost between £179 to £444 per night, and yet I’m paid just over £3 to clean it! Because I’m paid per room and not per hour, my salary barely meets minimum wage, let alone a living wage.

Now I’m speaking up now on behalf of other cleaners, mainly women, who offer hospitality to people from all over the world visiting London, but who are paid poverty wages. I’m asking Hilton to pay us a living wage of £8.30 per hour.

Cleaning hotel rooms is a very hard and physically demanding job. Working full time, I get paid £200 per week. After paying my rent and bills for a shared flat, (about £140 per week) and travel (over £20) I am left with about £40 per week for food, less than £6 per day.

This is not enough to live on and most workers with families have second jobs or take extra shifts to support their children. I don’t have children yet, and I don’t think I could afford to. But I want to speak up on behalf of my colleagues, mothers and wives, who need to feed and look after their families.

Please sign my petition and show Hilton that there is public support for paying cleaners a living wage. If you’re a cleaner yourself, if you’ve ever stayed in a Hilton Hotel, or if you believe that poverty pay is wrong then I’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment on the petition.

In May this year, the InterContinental Hotel Group started paying cleaners a living wage. I want Hilton to follow this example, and make sure cleaners working in it’s hotels no longer have to live on poverty pay.

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