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Reverse the suspension of Mr. Jeffery Kamf

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Mr. Kampf is a Genocide & Holocaust teacher at Hillsborough High School. He is not only a smart teacher, but a friend of all students who call HHS home. His teaching style, though different from that of the average teacher, does not cross any arbitrary boundaries. It has, however, succeeded in making Mr. Kampf an engaging educator whos impact on thousands of HHS students and alumni cannot be understated.

However, many high-ranking individuals at HHS do not approve of his teaching style. While they are most certainly entitled to their own opinion, they are not entitled to unjustly suspend him. Unfortunately, on Mar. 3, they did just that. The official allegations are that he used profanity in class, made a joke about alcohol use, and assigned some of his students to see the movie "Flight" when it came out last year. While this teaching style might be referred to as "unconventional," it fails the muster necessary to suspend a teacher, much less try to force him into early retirement.

Moreover, when Mr. Kampf's students were questioned about the alleged incidents, many compared it to an interrogation: many of the interviewers were rude to the students, would get upset with them when they tried to defend their teacher, and recorded the entire "interview" on paper and made the students sign it. These unethical techniques only further indicate the school's personal, unjustified vendetta against a teacher who has done nothing wrong.

The purpose of the Board of Education is to make a positive change in the academic experiences of students. By supporting Mr. Kampf's suspension, no positive effects are realized. The only outcomes will be angered alumni, enraged current students, and future HHS students who will never experience Mr Kampf's class, which promotes human rights and teaches students to think for themselves. This issue cannot be procrastinated any longer. HHS has neither the evidence nor the support to keep Mr. Kampf from teaching his students. We ask that his suspension be reversed and Mr. Kampf be allowed to go back to teaching without further delay.

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