Transportation for all children to school so they don’t have to walk up to two miles

Transportation for all children to school so they don’t have to walk up to two miles

August 31, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Brittany Cumbie

Hillsborough County School Board requires that if there is not a bus route in place due to the lack of bus drivers, that a child is required to walk up to 2 miles to either the closest bus stop, or to make it to school. I called Bay News Nine and spoke to an investigative reporter, and she told me, and I quote, “well it’s been this way for 25-30 years...”

I explained to her about how child trafficking and child abduction is so rampant. I explained the risk of autistic children, or children with asthma, having to walk because they’re required to. I brought up the fact about children that live in lower income, dangerous, areas being required to walk. I also brought up the fact that if they’re suggesting that children walk in groups, that Covid is an issue.She said to me, and again, I quote, “how does COVID have anything to do with this?”

I told her, “because you can’t even go to a store without having to stand 6 feet apart but yet you’re wanting these children to walking groups for their safety!”

My biggest concern is the children being abducted in child trafficking which right now is the heaviest thing on my heart.

When somebody from the media completely shut down the fact that I shouldn’t be worried about child abduction and child trafficking and didn’t even acknowledge it, that’s when my blood got hot and I felt it in my heart to start a petition to make a change.

She told me that there weren’t enough bus drivers to allow our children a bus route, that’s why it’s in place that a child is supposed to be able to walk up to 2 miles to a bus stop or to reach their school.

She told me, “but if a child is in a magnet school or has special needs that a parent can fill out a form and see if it can get approved for special transportation for their child so that they are not required to walk to school or the bus stop.”

I immediately responded to her that if there’s a child predator and they see a child walking that has a pending application for transportation, the pedophile and/or predator is it going to think to themselves, “is this child in a magnet school or has special needs? Maybe I shouldn’t abduct them for trafficking or abuse OR MURDER”

Our children are being abducted in ALARMING, horrifying numbers, And today, I felt a complete slap in the face from one of Tampa Bay’s BIGGEST investigative news teams.

She told me there just aren’t enough bus drivers. But if a story like this were to air on one of the news channels, I can’t imagine the number of people that have a license to drive a bus, or that are willing to get their license to drive a bus due to the shortage, so that these children aren’t at risk every single day by being made to walk. But she did not care at all.

I am begging you to please sign this petition so that it can be brought before the correct people so that we can save our children from the risk of abduction.

Please share this everywhere that you can. PLEASE POST ALL OVER FACEBOOK. In all the groups, on your page, just share it everywhere possible. We need signatures and we need to hold the correct people responsible for putting the kids at risk.

We aren’t living in a time that was like 25-30 years ago. We aren’t even living in a time right now that was like it was a year ago. What’s being asked of these kids, because it’s been this way for up to 30 years that they walk, is so unsettling and disheartening, That I’m hoping with this petition we can make a change.

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Signatures: 28Next Goal: 50
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