Petitioning Commissioner (District 2) Victor D. Crist and 5 others

Hillsborough County Commission: Approve a Domestic Partner Registry for Hillsborough County, Florida.


The approval of a Domestic Partner Registry is a no-brainer. Everyone deserves equal rights. Period. By approving a Domestic Partner Registry, same-sex couples are granted these rights: 



  • to visit his or her partner in health care facilities
  • to make certain health care decisions for his or her partner
  • to make funeral and burial decisions for his or her partner
  • to be notified as a family member in case of emergency
  • to be designated his or her partner's pre-need guardian
  • to participate in the education of his or her partner's children


Letter to
Commissioner (District 2) Victor D. Crist
Commissioner (District 3) Lesley Miller Jr.
Board Chairman (District 5, Countywide) Ken Hagan
and 3 others
Commissioner (District 4) Al Higginbotham
Board Vice-Chair (District 1) Sandra L. Murman
Commissioner (District 7, Countywide) Mark Sharpe
As our nation moves forward and grants equality to all of it's citizens, Hillsborough County has an obligation to do the same. Your vote in early 2013 turning down a Domestic Partner Registry is a blatant slap in the face for same-sex couples in the county who deserve the same exact rights as their heterosexual counterparts.

I am asking that the board of commissioners vote on this issue again. And I also want the commissioners to ask themselves these questions:

- How would you feel if you could not visit your husband or wife in a health care facility?
- How would you feel if you were barred from making any health decisions for your husband or wife?
- How would you feel if you could not make any funeral or burial decisions for the most important person in your life?
- How would you feel if you were kept from being notified during an emergency that involving your significant other?
- How would you feel if you could never be designated as a pre-need guardian for your husband or wife?
- And imagine how you would feel if you were kept from participating in the education of your husband or wife's children?

Your recent vote barring a Domestic Partnership Registry is a slap in the face of thousands of Hillsborough County residents and their loved ones. And your refusal to approve it does nothing more than make thousands of Floridians feel like second-class citizens.

This is not about your personal feelings. This is about equal rights to every individual not only here in the Tampa Bay Area, but nationwide as well. I urge you to be on the right side of history, I urge you to vote on this matter again, and I urge you to get a Domestic Partnership Registry approved for Hillsborough County.

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