Secure Hillsboro ISD Campuses

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All across our nation children are increasingly becoming targets of mass shooting massacres.

Since the start of 2018, there are 18 recorded gun related acts on school campuses. That averages more than one gun crime per week at places where our most vulnerable citizens spend the majority of their lives. 

There are no predilections or prejudices in these crimes. They can happen anywhere at anytime with no warning whatsoever.

Hillsboro ISD is a 4-A district educating over 2,000 students across five campuses. 2,000 of our community's students and their educators are vulnerable to potential terror on campus. Together, as a community, we can work to protect these precious lives. 

The average emergency response time in our community is three minutes. Three minutes is an agonizingly long time when at the mercy of a madman with a high powered assault weapon. A simple, inexpensive barricade device installed on every campus door can buy time for first responders to arrive on scene.

This lockdown device takes seconds to engage and has been proven to be kick and pry proof. The price per device is $60. A relatively inexpensive device can buy your child those 3 precious minutes. 

While $60 for most of us is equivalent to a family restaurant dinner, for our school district, something so simple yet life-saving, can amount to thousands of dollars. Together, we can work to help protect these children and educators by pledging to help our district fund the implementation of a simple lock-out device. 

If you are willing to contribute toward the expense of securing the HISD campuses, please sign this petition.

Would you pledge to help save a child's life?

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