No Corporate Bike rentals in the Calle 24 Latino Cultural District

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Please protect the Calle 24 Latino Cultural District. The District and Mission as a whole has been experiencing extreme pressures of gentrification causing forced displacement, creating undue hardships, family separation, loss of jobs, privatization of our public spaces, forced crowding, cultural erasure and high rents.

Calle 24 supports true bike shares that takes our social, cultural and economic challenges into consideration. A true bike share must come from within the community and not from an outside corporation that seeks to maximize its own profits by dumping bikes on us with minimal community process as a whole. Ford/Motivate has imposed itself on the community, "just to meet its own deadlines" as representatives of Motivate have stated in meetings.

Any true bike share that's truly for the low-income communities has to come from the community with a well thought out process to resolve and address any concerns residents, business owners and organizations will have.

Motivate/Ford prides itself in its price structure targeting low income communities of color, but this plan and pricing is not a true representation of the low income community nor has any understanding of this market.

It has misrepresented itself many times with misleading pricing information to tracking of bikes. This is an issue with low income communities of color that are undocumented and are more vulnerable to predatory corporate interests.

We ask that you support the right of this community to decide what is best for its residents and its future. One that acknowledges that we exist and is equitable.

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