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Stop the Slaughter of African elephants for their Ivory!


Poaching levels that had once been under control after a world wide ban on Ivory have now reached the highest level ever in our history. Just in the last year approximately 38,000 elephants were killed. Experts agree that poaching of the African elephant for their Ivory will undoubtedly be the cause of their extinction soon.

A major contributing factor to the proliferation of the Ivory trade was a decision made by Cites- Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora in 2008- that permitted a one time sales of old stock Ivory which eventually led to an unprecedented demand for Ivory primarily in China. There is no way to distinguish between new and old Ivory and so the illegal trade was able to flourish. The demand for Ivory has increased like never before and as a consequence, the elephant populations have been decimated in West, Central and now East Africa. We want the politicians to hear us and we want the world to recognize that the future of the African elephant is diminishing by the minute.
Let us be the voice for these magnificient creatures. We must reiterate that the brutality of these killings has reached unfathomable proportions.Time is running out, as they will perish with out our help.

Delegates from 123 countries will be meeting in March 2013 at the Cites convention in Bangkok. We will not except anything, but a definitive ban on Ivory and that no country will be exempt from this!

Please sign the petition to end the Ivory Trade and save our precious elephants from extinction.

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  • Hillary Rodham Clinton, CITES, Chief of Office: Mr. He Ning, Mr. Zheng Yi

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