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Stop Trump! Ask Dems to elect GOP moderate. Hillary can make it happen!

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My partner's grandfather, Franz Wassermann, is 96 years old. He and his family fled Germany in 1937 because they were Jewish and saw what was coming. Some family members did not make it. I asked Grandpa Franz, a psychiatrist active in civic life throughout his career, if he sees enough parallels to conclude that the U.S. is similarly sliding toward fascism. He said "yes".

His answer convinced me that we cannot wait and see what happens with a Trump presidency. Disasters like WWII Germany are not caused by a single evil person. They are caused by the complicity of people like you and me.

On December 5, the Washington Post published an op-ed by Michael F. Cannon presenting a brilliant way out of a Trump presidency: get Clinton's electors to, en masse, vote for a Republican alternative of Clinton's choosing. And then persuade a few dozen GOP electors to follow suit.

Others have called for electors to rally around an alternative candidate. But Clinton potentially could get all Democratic electors to rally around the same candidate, allowing that candidate to actually win, rather than simply throwing the election to the House. Hillary Clinton is uniquely positioned to make this happen. 

I have voted for the Democratic candidate in every presidential election since 1986. I voted for Hillary Clinton and would prefer to see her in the White House rather than any Republican I know of. However, Trump is so dangerous that we must be willing to put a more level-headed Republican in his place.

As Cannon states in his op-ed, "The only way Democrats stand any chance of persuading Republican electors to abandon Trump is with a dramatic gesture of true bipartisanship. If all 232 Democratic electors pledge to reach across the aisle and vote for a Republican alternative to Trump, it would take just 38 GOP electors to make that person the next president."

Cannon is the director of health policy studies for the Cato Institute, a Libertarian think tank. You may find this distasteful. But you don’t have to like Cannon to appreciate that his idea could save our nation from disaster.

Join me in asking Hillary Clinton to select a Republican alternative to Trump and to request all Democratic electors to vote for this candidate.

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