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Let's sue Hillary Clinton for Democratic primary rigging

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Stealing elections is much more detrimental to our society than one President. 

It is now a known fact that Hillary Clinton and her campaign rigged the Democratic primary. The process which is supposed to be fair to all candidates was fixed from day one. The people who gave money to all other candidates including Bernie Sanders donated that money based on the idea that the primary process would be fair, and democratic..we now know it was not. 

Therefore we are owed any money that was donated under false pretenses. Because it was Hillary Clinton that rigged the outcome, the money is owed to us, the contributors by Mrs. Clinton. 

It's simple. Hillary must pay for her actions. This kind of behavior should not be just accepted in this country as business as usual.

Make her pay they way the rest of us have because of her unethical and possible illegal actions.

Hillary...her campaign and officials at the DNC MUST be made to defend themselves in a court where more of the truth will come out. There is no other way forward for justice to be served.

This is a petition to sue Hillary Clinton personally for monies owed to the people who gave their hard earned dollars with the understanding that the process was fair and just. 

It was not.


NOTHING is more important than the sanctity of our elections. 

If you believe Hillary rigged this election please sign this petition so justice can be served in some small way. 


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