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Hillary Clinton: Immediately Release Your Full Medical Records

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As American voters, we deserve to know about the candidates running for our nation's highest office.

Throughout the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton has attempted to cast Donald J. Trump as being "temperamentally unfit" for office.

I, and many others, have a much more grave concern about Secretary Clinton: based on the evidence that is available to the public, it is apparent that Secretary Clinton is suffering from at least one major health problem.

It has become common practice for American presidential candidates to release their health records. John McCain, who showed no signs of illness at the time, released his in 2008. Barack Obama, who also appeared outwardly healthy, released a short summary of his records as well.

Secretary Clinton does not appear outwardly healthy. In 2012, she suffered a major fall and incurred a concussion in the process. In 2013, she was hospitalized for a blood clot. Now, as the 2016 campaign has progressed, there have been numerous instances of her being caught on tape having what appear to be seizures, as well as a major five-minute coughing fit at a rally in Ohio.

The recent video of her falling and appearing to faint at a 9/11 memorial- then blaming the episode, which took place on a 70 degree day, on "overheating"- makes it abundantly clear that Secretary Clinton is suffering from one or more major medical problems.

We, the American people, deserve to know if one of our candidates is ill to the point where she will not be able to serve her prospective full term in office. We call on Secretary Clinton to release- in the same way that John McCain did in 2008- her full, comprehensive medical records so that they may be analyzed by independent physicians and experts. 




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