Stop Child Abuse in CA

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I am making a petition for the county to provide security for my daughter according to the laws of California. Also follow recommendations of specialists involved in the case. I am also requesting an investigation to clarify the following points, since I have requested this from social workers and they deny having made these reports.

  1. Why they didn't followed VIP Community Mental Health center INC recommendation to removed my daughter until the investigation was over?
  2. This examination conducted by VIP Community Mental Health center INC, in which abuse was determined. This examination was required by The board of supervision office.
  3. Why my daughter is defamed as a violent girl against other people?
  4. Why my daughter is forced to return to a place where she has reported that she suffers abuse and specialists corroborate it, and recommend not to force her because it causes her irreversible emotional damage? 
  5. Why the county workers have made me break the court orders justifying that the safety of my daughter is in danger?                        1) 5/7/2019 VIP Community Mental Health center INC, Approved by DCFS.                                                                                           2) 7/13/2019 Social worker assigned to the case.
  6. Why have they excluded me from the two ongoing investigations and was never informed of the investigation of September, 16/2018?
  7. I want to have access to the examinations of specialists where it has been determined that I have manipulated my daughter and if they do not exist, I demand that they be performed (HUB)
  8. Why harassment is used against me with calls during the night asking questions that are of their knowledge and saying that they will not take the recommendations into account? Putting a social worker that I asked to be investigated for abuse of power and refusing to investigate certain incidents.
  9. Taking into consideration my daughter is suffering abuse since 2013 and has been corroborated by different specialist but the social workers refused to protect my daughter safety this allegation was reported with Hilda solis the county supervisor, the governor's offices in September 10th, 2019 and February 8th, 2018  and with Xavier Becerra attorney general of California. To obtain an exam HUB. This petition that I  made with hunger strikes that lasted more than seven days. When the county decided to perform the HUB exam determining extreme abuse against my daughter and they made me break the court order but my daughter is in the same environment until today my daughter continues report abuse and the social workers corroborate that:
  10.  I am requesting in deep investigation against the DCFS and social workers involved in my daughter case.

In addition I want to be given complete access to all examinations realized by specialists, access to all exams and results. Above all I want my daughter to be in a safe place as indicated by California law. 

I also want to make it clear that I am not looking for any benefits, all I want is my daughter's safety.