Better security outside nightclubs in Leeds - bouncers or brutes?

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The 'bouncers' outside local nightclubs in Leeds such as "The Warehouse", a popular spot for Leeds University and Leeds Beckett students, are infamous for their aggressive and unjust treatment of university students. Often, people are discriminated against on their skin colour, accused of being 'too drunk' whilst much drunker girls fall in before them. Other times, drunk girls are thrown out on the streets without having the chance to find their friends, being left vulnerable and alone. I had to go to A&E in an ambulance with a friend who had been thrown into a railing by a security guard and been severely concussed. Another girl was thrown into a wall whilst a bouncer was having an altercation with a male student and she had to be rushed to A&E as she has badly damaged her back. Moreover, it was only last night when a girl was seen being thrown onto the street floor by a much stronger male bouncer. How many more innocent kids need to be injured before something is done? We need more checks on the security outside nightclubs as people are fearful doing something that is meant to be an enjoyable and sociable part of university life. It should not be common to come home from a night out with bruises all over you, given to you by those who are meant to be ensuring your safety.