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Private land dedicated to Live Action Roleplay

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I'd like to adress Live action roleplay with this petition. Not because of a problem with it in itself, but rather the problem that it is not given serious political attention. In Leeds there is a branch of role players who have to pay, as a community, for the right to use the land up to two times a month to play.

The issue here is that they are not given land to play privately, which affects both passerbys and players alike. The problems are:

1.Those involved in the role-play are interrupted by people walking along the pathways, which are popular, resulting in regular and unfavorable disruptions.

2. If land were dedicated to the game it would mean structures could be erected so that the experience could be bettered.

3. Since players are running round with false weapons it undoubtedly puts passerbys at risk. For instance, an arrow may accidentally hit someone walking their dog and though they aren't dangerous it would still result in the community giving compensation. Providing land for the game would keep this controlled and result in greater safety for non-players.

4. Since players will occasionally go off the path and on to natural areas in the woods, it can result in damage to the plants around. If the appearance of a popular walking area is damaged it could result in less people coming to the woods.

My solution to these problems is to create an area where role-players may play and enjoy their game away from public areas and other people to increase safety and happiness of both parties.

This change means a lot to me as I am also a player who has regular interruptions by passerbys. I do not believe they are to blame and they likely feel the same way. If land were provided I think it would make a serious difference.

Thank you for reading, I hope change can come of this.

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