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Release him from jail. Been held over 30 days for parking on someones lawn!

This is important because this man has rights he is a human being. He is not a hardened criminal has not committed any violent crimes. He simply parked his car on a lawn he was directed to park on. He clearly did not know that this was against the law. He has been held for an unreasonable amount of time. He has been employed here for 7 years and is working to take care of his family. In the eyes of the law he is considered illegal, but in the eyes of true humanity no one is illegal. If people could put theirselves in the other peoples shoes none of this would be an issue! It was okay to have these hard working men and women here when they were desperately need during a crisis ( Hurricane Ivan ) to clean up but now they are a nuisance and the cause of all of this countries problems?? Really??? I think not! Please have a heart and think what you would do if you could not provide a decent life for your loved ones here....would you go elsewhere to do so?? I would!

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