Make Chemotherapy available for Colon Cancer

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Colon Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the United States and diagnoses in young people, particularly those younger than 45, is on the rise. The recent loss of Chadwick Boseman shocked and saddened the nation. But that is not the most shocking thing to happen with colon cancer this year. HIKMA Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of a chemotherapy drug called FUDR, a chemotherapy that is instrumental in helping shrink and treat colon cancer that has metastasized to the liver, has decided not to make it or has inexplicably delayed the production of this life saving drug.

Imagine you have this cancer and there is a potential treatment but there is no drug available. 

There is a treatment out there that is working to rid the liver of tumors. But it can’t work if the company responsible for the production of one particular drug does not make it, in this case the chemotherapy called FUDR. As a result, many people have had delays in crucial and potentially life-saving treatment.

Please join me in telling HIKMA that this is not right. Help us raise our voice to HIKMA Pharmaceuticals and tell them: “Please get back to making and distributing a medication that can do some good and save lives.” Time is running out for so many patients. Let us do what we can to protect them. Make the medication. Get it to the hospitals and doctors offices that need it. Stop making excuses.