Build safe pedestrian crossings for New City College-Redbridge and Atam Academy Students.

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Mitus Castillo
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Build safe pedestrian crossings on Little Heath, Barley Lane and Chadwell Heath Lane for New City College-Redbridge and Atam Academy Students.

Little Heath, Chadwell Heath Lane and Barley Lane are main busy roads which currently have no safe crossings for students going to New City College-Redbridge and Atam Academy.  New City College – Redbridge Campus has approximately 1500 students attending while Atam Academy have around 250 primary school students.

Three Zebra or pedestrian crossings

  • One: From the Barley Lane bus stop to the Little Heath greens
  • Two: Across Little Heath going to New City College/Atam Academy
  • Three: Along Chadwell Heath Lane, from the greens going to Little Heath bus stop

Personal story
I am the President of the Student Union at New City College and I have been a student at the Redbridge Campus for 3 years now. I, along with my friends and classmates, have experienced on countless occasions, nearly getting hit by cars or buses while trying to cross those roads.

Cars are allowed to park along Little Heath and therefore block students’ view of oncoming cars. It is also a two-way street which can become really busy especially during school runs. From the college going to the greens, we have to walk right into the middle of the road to see whether or not a car is coming.

The same situation applies along Barley Lane where the E13 bus terminates and Little Heath Bus Stop. It is a real hazard to cross the said roads.

The nearest crossing is approximately 250m away and at an inconvenient point for the majority attending.  We have been lucky to-date that no serious accident has taken place.

Thank you for your interest in the campaign. We hope you will join us in signing the petition to make the college/school a safer place for everyone.