Installation of safety measures on approach to Shepherdswell/Lydden traffic lights on A2

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On Wednesday, 10th October 2018 a fatal road traffic accident occured on a notoriously dangerous stretch of the A2 near  the junction of Coxhill Road, Shepherdswell and the A2 Dover bound carriageway.

For  years residents of Shepherdswell and surrounding villages have had to contend with HGVs and other road users 'jumping' the red lights at that junction, resulting in countless 'near misses' occuring on a weekly basis.  In 2017 a local family was involved in a serious collision at the traffic lights and it became clear that a fatality was inevitable.

We would like the following action to be taken to prevent further fatalities:

*  an enforceable speed limit of 50 mph to be put in place on the approach to the traffic lights, on both sides of the A2.

*  re-phasing of the timing loops so that there is a longer gap between the red light and the green filter light which takes traffic onto Coxhill Road, to allow for any 'driver error' that might occur when judging stopping distances on approach to the traffic lights.

We believe these are simple remedies that could prevent another fatality.

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