Help keep Heyswood Campsite safe

Help keep Heyswood Campsite safe

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Girlguiding LaSER started this petition to Highways England


Heyswood campsite, owned and run by Girlguiding Greater London West county, is under threat and is at risk of losing up to 5 acres of land. Its current levels of security and safeguarding would be severely compromised due to planned access changes devised by Atkins on behalf of Highways England.

The proposed plans access the site through a left turn from the A3 southbound slip road from the Painshill roundabout which continues as a two-way PUBLIC road to the campsite and beyond. This will impact the site negatively; not only its natural environment but also Heyswood's safeguarding risk due to the proximity of the route. This would also result in high-cost implications for the relocation of many buildings, outhouses and car park area as well as screening areas to implement safeguarding requirements.


Our preferred option is that the new road runs alongside the A3 when it reaches our site. We could then maintain a safe environment, with minimal view for the public and continued easy access for young people to the ancient woodland (most of which would remain), as well as minimising the loss of land. 
Safeguarding is our top priority and we believe this option could maintain a safe site by limiting the view the public would have of the campsite areas.


Girlguiding Greater London West have owned Heyswood campsite for 70 years, and it provides a safe and natural environment for young people to develop independence and have adventures in the outdoors. 

In order to improve the A3/M25 junction, Highways England have proposed changes to the road system which will encroach on the Heyswood land and bring many negative impacts to the charity who own this space. 

The proposal will result in a decreased camping area and severe reduction in the size of the main flat field (which can accommodate large events with marquees etc). This means they would not be able to include so many young people at events which would also have financial implications.
The woodland area would no longer be feasible to use, as the proposed new road would divide the site. 
With a public road adjacent to the site, the maintenance and security costs will be much higher.

We really feel that this proposal is unworkable. Our alternative proposal for the two-way public road to go around the campsite would be more cost effective and environmentally friendly. This would mean a small loss of ancient woodland, but it would continue to allow the majority accessible to the young people and leaders.
Our alternative proposal would be far safer than the current option from Highways England (Atkins). We feel that our alternative suggestion will balance functionality with achieving positive environmental outcomes.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!