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Highline School District: Keep Families Together, Add a 3rd Kindergarten!

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Add a Third Kindergarten Class to DMES. Our students and families face a hardship with the balancing of Kindergarteners to an outside school, especially when Kindergartners have siblings attending their neighborhood school. Des Moines Elementary is reducing their Kindergarten enrollment from 57 to 36, because they have reduced two half-day Kindergarten classes to one. Most elementary schools in Highline School District have more than two Kindergarten classes. Des Moines Elementary deserves to make space for its close-knit community who have Kindergartners entering this year and the years ahead.

We want to know the specifics of why Highline School District does not consider there to be space available for a third class. There is ample space on school grounds for a portable and there is at least one other classroom in the basement, next to an established Kindergarten room that is available. The District and school officials claim the extra room, B1, is a flood hazard, however that room has been used as a classroom in recent years and the teacher of that room reported no incidents. Much of Des Moines Elementary is in poor repair. Electricity, heating, accessibility and space are factors that DMES community members face on a daily basis. The fact that one room has potential to flood is not a qualified reason to keep it from being used as a third classroom for Kindergarten. Des Moines faculty, staff, students and volunteers are well-acquainted with innovative measures for teaching and learning on Des Moines Elementary campus. We are capable of innovative, effective means of creating a third classroom.

Furthermore, we need to know why Des Moines Elementary Administrators did not invite parents to participate in a discussion about ways to make room for a third Kindergarten class. We also would like to know why Integrated students are not included in the balancing out of students. We need specific, concrete answers to our questions.

We demand a third Kindergarten classroom to keep our community together and our families happy. 

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