Protect Highlands Ranch Open Space

Protect Highlands Ranch Open Space

April 1, 2021
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Highlands Ranch Metro Districts
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jerrod Taylor

Highlands Ranch Metro District (HRMD) plans to develop parcel # 2229-101-07-0777 on the South side of Highlands Ranch Parkway, east of S. Broadway.  This 19-acre parcel is deeded as Open Space.  Stated intent is for a senior center, but lacks supporting details and specific commitments.

By way of this petition, Residents, Owners, and Tax Payers of Highlands Ranch ask leaders of Highlands Ranch Metro District, Douglas County, Highlands Ranch Community Association, Tri-County Health Department and other interested and affected parties to preserve and protect parcel # 2229-101-077, prohibit development upon it, and enact permanent deed restrictions to protect the health and safety of residents and the valuable natural resources on this land.  In addition, residents, owners and tax payers deserve to be fully informed, actively involved and permitted to vote via formal ballot for costs and commitments of this magnitude.  Use of public funds should not be permitted at this juncture.    

Please help protect our open spaces, drinking water, natural resources and rights of taxpayers and residents by signing this petition.

What’s at Stake:

Access to Safe, Affordable Drinking Water

 Left in Natural State: reduces pollution going into waterways and improves water quality from natural filtration through ground.  
Developed Upon: Increases pollution in waterways (e.g. parking lot, vehicles, roof, and trash/littering).  Results in increased costs (passed on to residents) to remove contaminants from drinking water. 

Maintaining Essential Infrastructure

Left in Natural State: Storm water captured by natural berms/hills cleans and retains storm water decreases need for stream stabilization projects costing millions. 
Developed Upon: Storm water runs over hard surfaces with little chance to be absorbed into ground.  Increases risks to adjacent homeowners from erosion, slope slip, higher water table, expansive soils, and flooding.  Accelerates erosion destroying/threatening infrastructure (e.g. storm water channels, water/sewer lines, paved trails).  We paid $1.8M in 2020 for Dad Clark Stream Stabilization Project.  

Traffic Congestion, Pollution and Safety 

Left in Natural State: Residential areas east of Broadway function (as designed) to minimize pollution  and offset heavy vehicle traffic created by retail and public uses west of Broadway
Developed Upon: Additional vehicle traffic results in higher pollution of adjacent residential areas and adversely impacts overburdened six lane arterials experiencing high rate of accidents.

Protection of sensitive lands, natural resources and wildlife corridors

Left in Natural State: Protects sensitive land areas deemed highest priority for preservation (e.g. natural drainage areas, wildlife corridor, riparian areas, wetlands, 100-year floodplain, drinking water, and steep hillsides) and provides greater protection from natural hazard/disaster risks (e.g. wildfire, flooding, erosion, slope slip, expansive soils, high water table).
Developed Upon: Destruction of beneficial and protective functionality of sensitive land areas.  Places residents, homes, property and infrastructure at risk.

Transparency, Accountability, and Financial Stewardship

Left in Natural State: Maintaining natural state keeps promises and expectations residents have of Highlands Ranch Metro District and the community.
Developed Upon: Lack of public involvement, absence of transparency, poor stewardship of natural & financial resources, and burdening of tax payers without consent/vote.

Sound Pollution

Left in Natural State: This land is a buffer for the noise and traffic from six lane arterial.
Developed Upon: Increased sound pollution in an area already exceeding safe limits and adversely impacting health of existing residents along Highlands Ranch Parkway.  Many homes and back yards are less than 50 feet from lanes of traffic.  The level of sound is deafening.   

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Signatures: 1,028Next Goal: 1,500
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