Restore Highland alumni marching band every year and long train.

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For many people in our community being a part of Highland Marching band was the best years of our high school career. We often catch each other in stores and reminisce about the days we would take the field and play the traditional long train. One thing we all enjoyed was alumni night where all generations of Highland marching band members could share their love for the music and moments that helped shape us. Even as we graduated we knew that options was available every year and we could take the field again even if it was just for a few moments. 

Unfortunately this has not been the case, as the school has grown and directors have changed tradition has been lost. Alumni night, once a yearly event, has now turned into a every three year over the top event. Requiring advanced sign up, and paying a fee to play music that is not part of tradition songs like long train, In-a-Gadda-Da-Vidda, and sweet child are pushed to the side for songs never played. Many alumni may not even remember how to actually read music, but given their instrument their muscle memory from years of playing takes over and the fight song and long train emerge. 

What we are proposing, bring back yearly alumni night, it is important to us. Do not require us to sign up in advance, many of us are out of touch but may be able to get the info the day of. Stop charging alumni money for us to have matching shirts, we understand if we are using an old school instrument that we should pay a rental fee that is fair but nobody cares that we aren’t matching, this is not important. Stop giving new music, we want, no we NEED Long Train back. Long train binds past, present, and future Highland marching band members together, when we send our kids we have immense pride in that song and dance it is more important to us than the fight song. 

Here is our requests in list format:

-yearly alumni night.                                                          


-Traditional music

-Long train every year

-no sign ups prior to alumni night excluding people

-no fees above $10 and only for upkeep of instruments

-Some of us would love to join in the stands to play the fight song and other songs typically played.

please consider signing and letting Highland know how much we truly love our marching band and want to continue to be part of what was once tradition. 

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