End CPM at Highland High School

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At the start of the 2017-2018 school year, Highland High School began implementing CPM through the Core Connections textbooks. Looking at CPM at face value, it seems to be an effective way to teach mathematics by forcing investigations into the specific topic you're learning. However, this has risen discontent and hatred for math at our school. For example, your ability to learn a topic effectively is based entirely off of whether or not people at your table understand the topic and are willing to put forth the effort into investigations. "CPM is a joke and is based entirely off of who sits with you at your table, I got an F on the Chapter 5 team investigation because I did the work on the test and had tablemates who didn't contribute, but an A on the Chapter 6 test by actually having tablemates who could help me." This has been problematic for students who strive to do well but feel disenfranchised by the fact that they're forced to 1) spend an egregious amount of time trying to figure out what is going on when this problem could be solved by the teachers doing their jobs and 2) work with people at a table who do not understand what is going on either and just leads into a cycle of confusion. With this in mind, sign this petition to put an end to CPM at Highland High School to allow students to be able to put forth their best effort and bring the love of math back to Highland High School.

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