Save The Victorian Market Businesses

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Thank you for taking the time to read this, as some of you may be aware the market has proposed to go ahead with renovating the market hall. This would mean the eviction of 14 Market traders whom some have been there for 10 years and some being there many more. These traders have only been offered up to 6 months of rent to set up somewhere else, this will not be the case for some traders as the only reason they are in the market is because they can not afford the prices out side of the market. These traders have not been guaranteed a place to come back to after the renovation, and been told they have to "bid" for a unit. This is completely unfair as many this is not just a shop in the market, it is a home and has been for many years. If this goes ahead many small local businesses will close their doors for the last, the market promote the "support your local small business" slogan but plan to put high end names and food chain in the place of these small businesses. The market hope to attract the younger generation, but as being in the younger generation it does not seem appealing to me, we already have food chains in the high street and a new food court approaching in the centre. Many other people my age and I appreciate the historic value of the market itself, and would hate to see the memories go with it. We appreciate every one who takes the time to sign this thank you!