Our goal is to change the hypocritical and inconsistently enforced dress code at HHS

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To whom it may concern,
I am writing to you to voice my concern over the dress code issue present at Highland High School. Per the School Code of Conduct, I know that I have rights as a student. I have the right to learn in an environment free from interruption, harassment, discrimination, intimidation, and fear as stated in bullet three under the student right section. With the implementation of the new dress code, the educational environment at Highland has been interrupted. Girls have been pulled out of class away from their educations, resulting in far more distraction than a shoulder or cleavage ever created. Female students with curvier body types have been singled out because of the way their clothes fit. Students now enter the school every day with the fear of being called down to the office because an adult found their clothes inappropriate. As per bullet four, I as a student have the right to have complaints about school-related matters. I as a student do not agree with the dress code and how it has been enforced, and by writing this letter I am exercising the right given to me by the school to voice that complaint.
Bullet five states that students have the right to be guided by a Code of Conduct which is fairly and consistently implemented. The dress code has not been fairly nor consistently implemented. Girls with bigger breasts or piercings have been singled out. We as students ask that should a dress code be put into place, that it fairly and clearly state the parameters for “appropriate” clothes. We also ask for it to be consistently enforced rather than girls be randomly picked based off of a loose set of rules.
As a student, I also acknowledge my responsibilities. I have the responsibility to participate in discussions and on committees which determine the content of the Code of Conduct. We as students cannot fulfill this responsibility as we have not been allowed to participate in the committee discussions of the contents of the code. We have had the ability to partake in discussions regarding it, but our voices and concerns have not been heard. As a student, I also have the responsibility to contribute toward establishing and maintaining an atmosphere that generates mutual respect and dignity for all and respect the rights of others. By singling out girls regarding their clothing, it diminishes them to solely a body to be sexualized. While the dress code is being implemented to protect from harassment, it is doing just the opposite. It teaches boys that their education is valued over a girl’s. It teaches girls to cover up instead of teaching boys to respect a woman’s right to her body. I as a student of Highland High School ask for the administration to address the complaints that I have listed within the next ten days as outlined in point one on the Code of Conduct.