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Why this petition matters

Started by Kumar Sssh

We, the students of colleges affiliated to Karnataka State Law University ,Hubballi, Karnataka are having issues regarding the decisions taken by KSLU with respect to our semester end examinations and would like to request KSLU to review its decision on conducting examinations in Oct. 2021.

This KSLU students group is constituted by the like minded students to address grievances relating to COVID-19 situation experienced by us in Karnataka, this is for all the college students under KSLU . The students are requested to put forth their grievances and problems which relates to intermediate examinations examination planned in October 2021

It's a high time that we should unite irrespective of our views, colleges, ideologies or any personal opinions. We all are facing the crisis and examination in this period of time is very impractical.


1. WE DEMAND KSLU to promote students based on previous semester exam results and internals

2. Many students results are made to be announced later,(TBAL) those students are in dilemma to prepare for reappearing or not? Our demand to publish results for all

3. Many students applied for revaluation, no information on the status, they are in dilemma, our demand to publish results ASAP

4. Many students got COVID and still suffering from post COVID symptoms. Which persists more time, due to which not able to focus on studies or attend online classes

5. Due to lack of Infrastructure, Internet connectivity and Laptops, mobile phones., etc, many students couldn't attend the classes. Also many students lost their close ones due which people couldn't attend online classes

6. Time table for examinations announced just one week before the examination, how can students get time to prepare? Many students could not attend online classes, due to infrastructure availability issues and we're not able to offer expensive stuff.

7. Not to conduct examinations since we didn't get opportunity to visit college and and library facility, neither buy books (Shops was closed) and do self study, nor online classes.  

8. Many Universities across the country has adopted a onetime policy in which students of all semester except those in their final year would be promoted based on the performance in the previous semesters. We urge KSLU to adopt the same policy as a onetime only scheme.(all degree students , professional degree courses like Engineering are already promoted as per GOK order no.ED/204/UNE/2021, Bangalore dated 23-07-2021)

9. Many students are stuck in states like Kerala, maharastra, where COVID cases still persists, restrictions exist for travel. There are very high chances that they may become spreaders during examinations in a closed rooms.

10. Issue circular to colleges to use secured online platforms for online meetings and classes.

11. Certain percentage of concession must be given to college fees, and all university fees and exam fees must be waived off in view of bad economic situation
Please respect our problems and do understand them.

If KSLU conducts exam against our will---

i.  KSLU must assure that it’ll pay the medical expenses of the student and student’s family if he/she is infected from the virus due to attending the examination or loss of life

ii. If any death occur due to the infection KSLU should take the complete responsibility and compensate the family during the crisis. Compensation of10 crore as compensation for each student family

Hoping for your support

Yours's Truly

KSLU Students Group

1,744 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!