Take Online Exams After Online Classes

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Recently, a notification was circulated by the university administration regarding the on-campus semester exams. This decision has the potential of wreaking havoc in terms of the health and mental well-being of the students. The petition will illustrate a few points that need to be taken into account before embarking upon physical exams.

1. UET hosts students from swathes of the country. Many students hail from the areas that are identified as hotspots for the novel Corona Virus. Some students can be a potential carrier of the virus and cause it to spread across the campus- endangering the lives of the students.

2. The condition of hostels is not feasible to hosts a large number of students. Many students live in dormitory rooms, so SOPs can't be followed in their true essence, causing the potential spread of contagion.

3. UET administration has tried to absolve itself of the responsibility by adding a clause in the notification that clearly mentions that, 'the students themselves will be responsible for their health and well-being.' It clearly illustrates the administration's ambiguity regarding the decision in which it is clearly abdicating its responsibility of student's health and well-being.

4. There's not any formidable evidence of such a decision prior to this. In fact, there' s evidence of countries revoking their decisions of ending lockdown, once a new surge in the cases emerges due to the opening of schools and public places.


5. There are many foreign students studying at the university. On the imposition of lockdown, they returned to their respective countries. Now they're locked down there and are not in a position to attend the examination in the wake of this decision by the administration.

6. The classes were conducted online. There were many technical glitches during the whole process. Many professors maintained in their sessions that exams would be online, taking into account all the faults. In fact, some of them voiced for open book exams. Now, all of sudden, this decision can cause mental health issues for the students.

7. In many cases, parents are not willing to allow their children to leave for physical exams. They're apprehensive of potential virus spread. The process of streamlining our lives with the virus would take some time. So such hastily conceived decisions should be avoided.

The petition has maintained all the points and apprehensions of the students. Now, academia should assume its parental role. They should consider students as their children. Grades and marks are temporary. Most of our grades will be lost in dust in the coming years. But the decisions that the administration has long-term consequences. They'll be remembered forever. So today's decision should be taken in the way they're remembered positively for years to come.