hair codes for school

hair codes for school

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High Schoolers

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Started by Edna Singh

Hair codes

i think students should be allowed to go with their hair however they want to in high schools guyana such as queens college,bishops high etc.

Theh should be allowed to grow their hair out,leave it down, cut it short. However they want it to be.

The children should be allowed to express themselves as who they are and not have to feel uncomfortable, insecure or ugly.

It can help with their self esteem which if they feel better or more comfortable with themselves they will be in a better state of mind.

They will be able to focus better on working and won’t always be worrying on people judging them or feeling bad about themselves which is a great distraction.

Schools standards will not be lower cuz of this but actually get higher for letting students express themselves and letting them express who they truly are as an individual.

It will be different and better for everyone 

Its not an easy decision to make but it is a smart one.

Please sign the petition to make it happen.

38 have signed. Let’s get to 50!