The amount of HOME WORKS given to students SHOULD BE LIMITED

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Students live by a busy schedule in school, balancing their academics and extracurricular activities. A part of schooling brings in tasks given by educators that are to be accomplished at home may it be take home quizzes, researches, exercises, or home works. 

According to a research, grade 1 students should only be given home works that can be done within 10 minutes, and it increases as the grade level accelerates. A student in 2nd grade should have home works that can be completed with a duration of 20 minutes and the 3rd graders should have 30 minutes worth of homeworks, and so on.

Expectations from students continue to rise as they step up from one grade level to another. Teachers expect an output that is suitable for a student's grade level. In fact, Senior High School students are being trained to be college students, therefore, expecting their outputs to be college worthy. With this, the amount of homeworks has intensified (most especially in high school levels). As a result, students are said to be more deprived of sleep due to accomplishing home works which can possibly take too long that it reaches bed time, or even worse, until midnight which is making the stress levels of students be at its highest peak. Infact, a study by Amanda Enayati stated that the impact of excessive home works on high school students can lead to physical stress and illnesses such as ulcer, migrane, sleep deprivaton, and weight loss.

Other negative effects of having too much home works are as follows:

  • Reduce social interactions
  • Affects active learning
  • Disturbs life balance
  • Unfavorable impacts mentally and physically

To conclude, to be able to reduce the number of students who are experiencing or who might experience these negative effects brought by too much home works, there should be a limitation in giving out tasks to students. At the end of the day, nothing is more important than a person's health and this is something that shouldn't be neglected.