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We hereby demand the High Forest Township Board not approve the application from Mr. DeCook to rezone approximately 36 acres in the Southwest ¼ of Section 26. Although the application was reviewed and conditionally recommended by TCPA staff, it is our considered opinion that many relevant facts were not included in the review process, especially those that impact nearby residential areas.

We are convinced that the proposed sand mine would have a long-term impact on our residential areas, jeopardizing our well-being and compromising the quality of our lives. Many facts support this conclusion.

* Mining operations will produce noise pollution.

* Mining and stockpiling sand will produce airborne PM2.5 dust particles that threaten respiratory disease.

* Trucks hauling sand will produce traffic congestion, noise, and dirt on roadways.

* The enjoyment that nearby residents get from their properties will be impaired because of pervasive dust, obstructed views of nature, loss of open spaces and reduced habitat for wildlife.

* The mine will change the land in ways that threaten wetlands, ponds, and rivers, especially during torrential rains.

* The mine poses hazards for children, especially those related to respiratory health and accidents involving equipment and truck traffic.

* There is no credible evidence of market demand in our area for more/better sand.

*Studies have shown that nearby property values can drop in value by 25 percent or more.

For reasons such as these, we have concluded that the application for a rezone does not meet all relevant conditions for approval. Specifically, it does not pass the public interest test; it is not timely; and it impairs the use and enjoyment of our residential lands/neighborhoods. Therefore, we ask respectfully that the High Forest Township Board not approve the above-mentioned application for a rezone in Section 26.

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